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        Hawthorne Wire provides a wide range of custom finishing services to help meet your requirements. Our customers can also choose from a range of wire rod processing including annealing and cleaning and coating. Call our knowledgeable sales staff to inquire about unique value-added processing we do for you.

Cleaning and Coatings

Straighten and Cut Services


Annealing wire provides good flexibility for a wide range of applications.  Whether you are a supplier or a consumer, we can provide annealed wire in different sizes, finishes, and packing. Our expertise enables us to understand your requirements and tailor our services to meet your specifications.


 Pickling is the process of removing scale and oxide by chemical cleaning and coating to help prevent corrosion during storage. We are also capable of mechanical cleaning, call for more information.

        We can provide bright basic wire in coil or will cut material using a wide range of alloys for our clients. Quality of product and outstanding customer service have always been our priorities, and we continue to service the manufacturing industry with the finest in wire services.         Please call our customer service team today and we will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible with your wire straightening and cutting needs. We are here to help you and give further details regarding issues such as sizes, lead time, and material selections.



-2000# Coils on Carriers


-Oiled or Dry


-Plastic Shrouded

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